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How to create an eco-friendly home

How to create an eco-friendly home

The ‘Greta’ effect is in full force across the world, bringing attention to climate change.  At the moment, any house magazine, website or blog is talking about how we can contribute and make an impact. 

Many recommend structural changes to your house, big structural changes which are not everyone’s cup of tea. 

If your provider offers it, it could be worth requesting a Smart Meter, whilst this does not help you to live more sustainably. It does help an outdated infrastructure, that the UK uses to provide its homes with gas and electricity.  However if you're far more concerned about the type of energy you're using then installing solar panels to your property ensures that you are using clean energy throughout.

Something else to consider would be the use of energy efficient bulbs within your home. Whilst this is not a new suggestion, it certainly does help to improve your contribution to a sustainable home. 

However, there are many small things you can do and change that could have a much larger impact. Planning and managing what food you're buying each week can help to reduce food waste.

14% of all food we purchase ends up in the bin. A staggering amount of greenhouse gases are produced due to the food waste ending up in landfill, this happens because the food cannot fully decompose due to the lack of oxygen. 

Planning your weekly shop is a great way to minimise your food waste. If you get online deliveries, make sure to select the green time slot on your particular shopping day. They are generally cheaper and will help minimise your foods’ carbon footprint. 

There is also the firm favourite, Beeswax Wraps. They are very popular at the moment as alternatives to using cling film wraps

Google Beeswax wraps and hundreds of results, articles and blogs will pop up of people selling them or teaching you how to make your own. Depending on how inclined you are to make your can quite easily purchase lunch or cheese packs from various websites online including us - see here.

It may seem daunting starting to convert your home into a sustainable eco friendly paradise but it can be achieved. 

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